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Bus Updates in Birling

By Parish Clerk Birling Parish Council

Wednesday, 2 November 2022


Birling Parish Council Contributor


Will Nu-Venture continue to operate the 558 and 578 service at school times? The 578 runs in the mornings for school journeys to Maidstone from Ryarsh, Birling, Leybourne and East Malling and the 558 does the same route in the afternoons.

Full details of the T&M Kent Karrier can be found here:

The service provides for a journey to and from Maidstone on Tuesdays only.

The 58 service continues to operate as a feeder service between Wrotham Heath and Maidstone Hospital, however it is on the list for withdrawal of KCC support. You are correct about the morning and afternoon school journeys into Maidstone which operate on a commercial basis and having discussed the matter with Nu-Venture they have no plans to change or cancel the two journeys.

KCC support for the Nu-Venture 70 service between Larkfield and Borough Green is also on the list for withdrawal however the school timed services to Wrotham School (Nu-Venture 501 and 502) will continue but will be renumbered and follow slightly different routes.

Arriva have not given any indication that they plan to vary or cancel their 570 school journeys between Wrotham Heath and Maidstone (via Offham).

The 58 and the 70 buses are the only off peak bus services for this area so yes residents in Offham, Platt, Wrotham Heath, Addington, Birling, Ryarsh and Tottiscliffe will have no day time bus services other than the Kent Karrier.

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