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Local Buses


Following the news from KCC that our number 58 bus is being withdrawn, we are pleased to confirm that Nu-Venture will continue (until July 2023) a 'shoppers return bus' facility on one day a week on these bus services: 

- Main points served by the 58 'shoppers bus' on Fridays starting 17 February will be Borough Green, Wrotham, Trottiscliffe, Ryarsh, W/E Malling. It will allow a stay of just over 2 hours in Maidstone.

- Main points served by the 70 'shoppers bus' on Mondays starting 13 February will be Borough Green, Wrotham, Offham, W/E Malling and Leybourne Grange. It will allow a stay of over an hour in W Malling.

- Main points served by the 59 'shoppers bus' on Wednesdays starting 15 February will be Kingswood, Chart Sutton, Boughton Monchelsea. It will allow a stay of over 2 hours in Maidstone. Grafty Green and Ulcombe get added to the list from 22 February when Ulcombe Hill should have finally re-opened fully.

Their initiative will keep these services alive until July 2023 when, hopefully, a more permanent solution will take effect. 


Image of 58 bus Image of 58 bus

The rural transport initiative introduced the 58 bus which gives residents a link to Maidstone hospital.  This bus has now been withdrawn by KCC due to budget cuts.  

Birling Parish Council along with the parish councils in Wrotham, Platt, Borough Green, Ightham, Plaxtol and Addington, are looking further at some form of Parish subsidised bus service for our villages.  As a group, we have submitted a grant application to KCC and will keep you updated on developments.


This is the original consultation and original 58 timetable that is being cancelled....

Bus Consultation Reduction Information File Uploaded: 7 April 2022 50.4 KB Bus 58 Timetable File Uploaded: 5 November 2019 254.5 KB